Selected conference presentations and speeches

2021 'IBA in München: Zeitgemäße Partizipation - Ein Vergleich der Planungspolitiken von London und Baden-Württemberg', Deutscher Werkbund Bayern e. V., November 15 2021, online via Zoom, 


2018 'Accessing social housing through S106 agreements in London’s tall building planning', contribution to the workshop 'New financial models for housing delivery', joint Just Space/UCL conference 'Re-financing London’s Future: Building collective knowledge on alternatives to housing and transport infrastructure delivery', University College London, November 30 2018, London, UK


2018 Keynote 'Planungspolitik beeinflussen: Effektives Handeln am Beispiel von Expertenkonflikten in der Londoner Hochhausplanung'. Stadt für alle: Festival für Stadtentwicklung von Unten, Urban Lab gUG, 14 May, Nürnberg, Germany


2017 'Rescuing Consensus: Sociation in a Postpolitical Condition'. AESOP 2017 Conference: Spaces of dialog for places of dignity: Fostering the European dimension of planning, University of Lisbon, 11-14 July, Lisbon, Portugal


2016 'Embracing conflict: extending the analytical frame of conflict planning' AESOP, RMIT

conference: Moving beyond conflict in planning, towards a critical consensus

politics?: Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT), Barcelona, 16.-17. June 2016 


2013 'Tall Buildings and the Historic Urban Landscape: The LVMF method for visual assessment

in central London'. Heritage, Cities & Sustainable Development: The France Stanford Center for

Interdisciplinary Studies, University of the Sorbonne Nouvelle-Paris 3, Paris, May 30-31 2013


2012 'Conflict resolution in the management of visual impacts of tall buildings in central London

since 2000': Interdependencies between issues of interest representation, expertise and 

propriety'. Communication & Planning: Annual Meeting of the AESOP YA School of Real Estate

and Planning, University of Reading, April 18-19 2012


2010 'Tall Buildings in Central London: Eine Soziologische Untersuchung der Regulierung von

Sichtachsen in Stadtplanung, Städtebau und Architektur'. Hochschule Regensburg University of

Applied Sciences, Fachbereich Architektur, Germany, May 20 2010


2010 'Tall Building policy in Central London' Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat

(CTBUH), Research, Academic & Postgraduate Working Group, First Meeting, IUAV University

of Venice, June 17-18 2010


2008 'Co-producing policies, visual representations and negotiations of tall buildings'. Paper

presented at: Networks of Design: Proceedings of the 2008 Annual International Conference

of the Design History Society (UK), University College Falmouth, September 3-6 2008


2008 'Legitimisation and illegitimacy in negotiations about tall buildings in central London'. Paper

presented at: Writing Cities: MIT-LSE-Harvard Graduate Student Conference, Boston, MA,

April 23-24 2008


2008 'Negotiating tall buildings in London'. Paper presented at: Fulbright Academyof Science

&Technology 2008 Annual Conference: Energy & Innovation,Boston, MA, February 14-17 2008


2007 'Experiencing Past Present and Future of Places Virtually', paper presented at the 4th

Annual Student Symposium; Architectural Humanities Research Association, School of

Architecture and Visual Arts, University of East London, 21 September  2007


Published essays and chapters

2013 Book Review: Bandarin, F.; Van Oers, R. (2012) The Historic Urban Landscape: Managing

Heritage in an Urban Century, Wiley, Blackwell, Chichester, Heritage & Society, 6 (1)


2012 'Tall building policy making and implementation in central London: Visual impacts on

regionally protected views from 2000 to 2008'(Ph.D. thesis) London: London School of

Economics and Political Science


2012 'Conflict resolution in the face of mutually exclusive positions: Visual impacts of tall buildings

on regionally protected views in central London'. Event paper, AESOP YA


2009 'Co-producing policies, visual representations and negotiations of tall buildings'. in

Hackney, F.; Glynne, J.; Minton, V. (Eds.), Networks of Design: Proceedings of the 2008 Annual

International Conference of the Design History Society (UK) University College Falmouth, 3-6

September (pp. 175-182). Boca Raton: Universal Publishers


2003 'Identität der Stadträume im Wandel' in Friz: Hochschulmagazin für Regensburg, Ausgabe

01/2003 (pp. 2-6)

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