Community service

Since 2018 Juergen dedicates a part of his time to work with community groups that seek to build lobbies in the fields of planning and architecture. 


Based on his PhD thesis Juergen recognised that there are very powerful organisations that exert an enormous influence on policy and decision making. The organisations whose interactions he examined in London are among the most effective when it comes to getting their interests realised in policy as well as in development projects such as tall buildings and housing. 


Juergen believes that it is possible to learn from those powerful actors how to act strategically. This includes long term forward thinking and understanding the constraints and the possibilities of competing actors. Introducing, what may be termed 'strategic political capacities' is a key goal of his work for community groups. Juergen believes that a more sustainable kind of development can be obtained the more a balance of effectiveness in exerting influence is established between community groups, the private sector and levels of government.  


Current activities

January - December 2018 Arbeitsgruppe Wohnungsnot (currently on hold), Regensburg, Germany

Conception and tutoring in building an evidence base that shows the effects of the shortage of affordable housing on marginalised citizens


Assistance in building cooperation’s with established political actors 


Since October 2018 Just Space network, London, UK

Commenting on documents in participatory processes within the policy making of the New Southwark Plan; Main themes: tall building planning and social housing


Contributions to work-shop discussions within community initiatives and academia

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